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Mysitti Artist Tools


Connect with your fans

MySitti makes it easy to connect with your fans from our website and apps by giving you several tools that will help you grow your fan-base. We make communication between you and your fans easy by offering many different ways to connect including:

  • Social media pages
  • Fan Pages
  • Contests
  • Shout-outs
  • Song requests
  • And much more

Promote your music

MySitti makes it effortless to look professional when connecting with your fans and recording companies. We also make it easy for people to book you right from your profile page. We provide you with an extensive array of free tools that you would have to pay for with other sites. We are focused on making new artists look professional with:

  • MySitti Artist profile page
  • Electronic press kits
  • Unlimited songs
  • Live streaming of your shows and events
  • Pass Giveaways
  • Ticket sales
  • Advertisements
  • Booking directly from your profile page

Sell your Merchandise and Music

Do you want to start making money doing the thing you love? MySitti can help you start making money now by giving you the tools needed to sell your merchandise and music online.

  • Your own online store
  • Live streaming pay per view
  • Music uploads
  • Jukebox

You control all the pricing, advertising, music uploads, and merchandise, which makes you your own boss, therefore you can be the key to your own success.

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