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Mysitti Artist Tools


Increase Your Fan Base

MySitti is committed to connecting local artist to our travelers. We have identified the type of music our travelers like to listen to and present Only local artist in the city they are visiting. This Is Free Exposure For You!

  • 1.Based on the Genre that our users have chosen. We present them only with local artist from those Genres. Reducing Your Competition To Be Seen!!!!
  • 2.We place the top local artist on our Featured Artist page.
  • 3.Social Media page that will allow you to connect your fans across all your social platforms.
  • 4.Fan page helping you build a lasting relationship with your Fans.

Promote your music

MySitti makes it effortless to look professional when communicating with venues and recording companies. We provide you with tons of free marketing and promotional tools. Stop Paying to Get Noticed!! We are focused on making the smallest artists look professional:

  • 1.MySitti Artist Profile (it is so extensive you can use it as your website)
  • 2.Electronic press kits
  • 3.Unlimited songs
  • 4.Advertisements
  • 5.Booking

Sell your Merchandise and Music

We want to help you promote your brand, buy giving you a free store that will allow you to sell your merchandise.

  • 1.Your Own Online Store You control all the pricing of merchandise.

You are In Change Brand Yourself!!

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