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Whats up ya'll!! I'm Diggdaddy From louisiana. I grew up in Cameron La. and later moved into lake charles at the age of 15. I went to LaGrange high school in lake charles which is near the Johnson Hall Projects. Early on I learned to hustle for what i wanted and to stand up for your self even if it means you gettin an ass whoopin ya self. I have the tattoo of Drama Bomba(bomber for those who don't get it) on my tricepts named for my right hook in boxing and my wrestling background way back when in school helped out alot. Its all about grindin till you make whatever your going after happen, PERIOD. No excuses because ain't no one gonna go out and hustle for you. I joined the U.S. AirForce at a pivotal point in my life whenit was either a road to the Pen or a road to the military. I chose well. Now years later grateful for my chances i have continued the music I started years ago on the streets of Cactus Dr. Freestyling for that long and putting it down on wax may seem a slow pace but its a grind that I'm willing to work for. I incorperate the best of both worlds. I grew up early in the marshes of Cameron Parish and later the streets of Lake Charles. A True southern boy. Diggdaddy

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(Allowed exts's gif, png, jpg & jpeg)