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Tori WhoDat

With nothing more than a dream on her back and a beat in her head, Tori WhoDat, born Victoria Nicole Evans, has rightfully earned the spotlight of the Memphis local music scene. Born and raised in Kenner, Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans, Tori began writing lyrics before the age of ten, deeming her the social outcast of a blue collar, devout Christian home. "I can find something redeeming, and pull inspiration from just about any sub-sector of music" quotes Tori WhoDat.

The young Hip-Hop artist has become infamous for her savvy beats and intentional delivery, while blending many genres and crossing over boundaries previously not ventured. Tori gained enthusiasm for the art of music through the various cultures in which she lived. Having moved from Kenner, Louisiana to Memphis, Tennessee, and later Chicago and Baltimore at a very young age, the heart of this female lyricist was filled with endless stories of skeletons in the closet, typical teenage rebellion and struggles with society.

While dealing with disappointments and celebrating successes, Tori WhoDat released her first mixtape, "Tori Story", in May of 2012. The song that started the initial hype was entitled “Rhythm”, track one of this project. The songs on “Tori Story” were and remain the type to vividly express inward struggle and outward battles in such a way that strong emotion is inevitably evoked. Her perfectionism would not allow her to move forward with a new project until she felt the previously released mixtape was finished in the way it deserved. Consequently, Tori WhoDat re-released “Tori Story” as “Tori Story Point Oh” in November of that same year, which proved to be a more polished and complete piece of work. After this, Tori WhoDat drained all accounts and utilized every last resource to produce and release “Dat Krewe: The Mixtape” which showcased much lyrical growth and improved delivery. This mixtape contained the single “That B*tch”, a refix of “Lucky A** B*tch” by Mac Miller & Juicy J.

To top off being an incredibly talented studio musician, Tori's stage presence has tainted the minds of many fans and spectators. She started taking gigs in 2012, with highlighting performances at Memphis' Mid-South Pride, Memphis Rehearsal Complex's Halloween Bash III and Senses Nightclub BlackOut Event. Tori's most notable performances include opening for Juicy J of Columbia Records and Machine Gun Kelly of Interscope Records at Minglewood Hall in Memphis, Tennessee. She was later asked to open again for Juicy J's TrippyFest at The Lyric in Oxford, Mississippi and recently opening for Lil’ Wyte of Hynotized Minds/Wyte Music at Club 152 on Beale Street.

"At the end of the day, despite the cliches and stereotypes, all I really want to do is provide for my family" says Tori WhoDat. Since day one, Tori has stood side by side with a close network of affiliations which include: Dat Krewe, It’s What We Do Clothing, No Love Get Money Clothing, Street Savvy Unlimited, Section 9 and Musicians for LeBonheur. Stay tuned for Tori's next mixtape titled "Krewedentials", hosted by DJ Smallz and DJ Crumbz, scheduled for a Winter 2014 release.

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