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MySitti For Artists

Connect to and Grow your Fan Base

Social Media Page

We know how integral social media is to our lives. MySitti has created a social media page that allows you to check your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all on one page. We can be your one-stop shop to monitoring all your social media accounts.

Fan Page

Your fan page allows you to build your brand, following and connect with your fans on a more personal level.


The best way to strengthen your fan relationship and build a loyal following is by having contests. We have made it simple to set up. MySitti will also track the contestants and notify you of the winner.

Shout Out

We are making it very easy for you to increase the people who attend your shows. Everyone that follows you will be sent a message about your show in the form of a shout out.

Promote Your Music

MySitti Artist Profile

Your MySitti artist profile is more than your typical profile with videos and pictures. We have designed it so that your profile can act as a complete website for you. This is a free service to allows you to show just what kind of artist you are and help you promote yourself to the fullest.

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Electronic Press Kit

A well-designed EPK is crucial when you are sending your information for booking and record labels. Having a professional EPK is a quick way to get the most information about you in one place. We offer many different templates, and are adding more continuously, so that you can customize your EPK to reflect just the image you want to project.

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Unlimited Songs

MySitti wants to give you every opportunity to advance your career. You can sell your music to your fans directly from our site.

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The events area allows you to keep your fans updated about concerts, festivals and parties where you will be performing. We will list all of your upcoming events here on your events calendar.

Live Streaming

We know that a common trend is to stream live, so we have designed your profile to be your own reality show. MySitti offers you the ability to stream your shows On Artist Advertisement page, update these statements to be as shown below with its title. Anytime, but the major benefit is that viewers are able to purchase your music while they watch. As an added incentive to stream your shows, we have created a feature that will allow you to make viewing your show free or charge a small fee. This is an amazing feature allowing you to make money at the venue and online. BAM!!

We encourage you to take advantage of this feature it’s Free!!!

Pass Giveaways

Everyone knows that the best way to increase your fans and attendance to your shows is to give away passes. This shows your loyal fans that you appreciate their support and strengthen their relationship with you. MySitti will track the number of passes you want to give away. This is a quick and easy process that will greatly grow your fan base.

Sell Tickets

Are you tired of giving ticket companies a large portion of your profits? Your MySitti artist profile comes with the ability to sell tickets at whatever price you choose and all you have to pay MySitti is a small $1.99 fee per ticket for transaction fees. Your fans will be given an electronic ticket that can be scanned right from their phone or printed to be scanned at the gate.

Stop paying those high rates and keep 99% of your ticket price
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Right now, when you post your show it only shows up on your profile page. We are dedicated to making sure that you are easy to find. MySitti will not only post it on your profile, we will also post it on the city talk page of whatever city you are performing in. We will also email your fans, Free!

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We have created a booking feature that allows you to look professional to people who are looking to book you.

Sell Your Merchandise and Music

Your Own Store

This is a free tool that MySitti provides to allow you to earn money making it possible for you to keep doing what you love, performing. Selling merchandise with your name and logo also acts as an advertisement. This will supercharge your career while giving you money, now.

Music Uploads Sell Direct

MySitti wants to give you every opportunity to advance your career. You can sell your music to your fans directly. Your fans will be able to purchase and upload your music right from our site.


Jukebox is a feature that we provide DJs allowing them to earn money from the venue. You can set up whatever price you want per request, or make requests free. Again, its all customizable, and you are the one that controls everything about your profile and settings.

Unlimited Songs

Being an artist is not just a career, it is a business, and in order for you to succeed as an artist, you must make profits for your business. We are offering you several free tools to help you, and by giving you these tools, it increases your chance for success and your bottom line!